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Best Adblock Extensions For Safari Browser

Browsing on Safari is an amazing experience until you click on one of the pop-up ads. Some ads themselves have a “Play” button, which brings them to their Website instead of playing video. But don’t worry. Today, in this article, you are going to get the best AdBlock extensions for Safari that will stop any unwanted ads. So let’s check what are those adblock extensions:

  1. Total AdBlock
  2. Adlock
  3. AdGuard
  4. Wipr
  5. Magic Lasso

1. Total AdBlock

Total AdBlock is an excellent ad-blocking solution for the Web. It blocks ads and all the malicious content pop-ups on websites. This means you can enjoy a more relaxing and hassle-free online experience while browsing the Web. Total AdBlock works only for iPhones and iPads. It supports different Operating Systems and other browser extensions. It not only blocks ads but also social media & YouTube ads. Total Adblock is completely free, but if you need to block ads from popular websites, then you need a premium plan.

2. AdLock

AdLock is another best adblock extension for Safari. It is a paid standalone app that works on iOS and macOS. Once the user has subscribed for the plan, it allows the users to install the app up to 5 devices. The plan starts from $1.05 monthly and with a 30-day money-back guarantee. While browsing online, it detects and warns against malicious content and advertising trackers alike.

3. AdGuard

AdGuard is the next best free ad blocker extension for Safari. When you enable it, it blocks all types of ads, pop-ups, trackers and more. If you unknowingly land on a malicious website, AdGuard warns you. If you want to enjoy full benefits, you have to download the app for iOS and macOS. The app allows you to block ads before you download them, which in turn reduces data usage and improves speed. The subscription plan for a lifetime is $39.99and it supports up to 3 devices.

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4. Wipr

Wipr blocks all ads, Cryptocurrency, trackers and other various ads. More importantly, it does not need any configuration. Once you install the app, it works with Apple’s native blocker system in the background. This app works for both iOS and macOS devices. The app developer continuously improves the app for privacy and features. Now, Wipr is available in the app store with affordable app purchases.

5. Magic Lasso

Over two lakh+ users use Magic Lasso to stop the ads. It works on all iOS devices. The interface is built and easy to use. It is a premium ad blocker for safari browsers with paid plans for unlocking advanced features.

These are some of the best ad blocker extensions for Safari. Now, you know what are the best ad blockers and I will also help you in how to add ad blocker extensions on Safari. And how to disable ad blocker on Safari.

Instructions to add ad blocker on Safari:

First, add an ad blocker app:

  • The first and foremost thing is to download and install the ad blocker app from the app store.
  • Now open the settings option on your device and tap Safari.
  • Choose Content Blockers from the menu.
  • Tap on the toggle button to turn on the ad blocker app.

Second, adding an ad blocker extension:

  • Go to the Safari browser and open Safari extensions.
  • Find and download the ad blocker extension.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Now, follow the instructions provided by the ad-blocker extension.
  • Again, Choose Safari and select Safari extensions.
  • Search for the installed extension and turn it on with the checkbox.

Instruction on how to turn off ad blockers:

Sometimes, you need to disable the AdBlock in order to view some websites. Now, let’s check how to turn off the AdBlock:

Turning off the Adblock app:

  • Set the settings on your device and choose Safari.
  • Now, navigate to the menu option and select Content Adblockers.
  • Tap on the toggle button to turn off the ad blocker app.

Disabling adblock extension:

  • Open Safari and select Safari extensions.
  • Choose the active ad blocker extension.
  • And now, to disable it, uncheck the checkbox.


I hope this article helped you get detailed information about the Adblock extension for Safari.

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