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How To Download Embedded Video

We like to watch videos offline when we are traveling because sometimes we will not have internet access or we don’t want to waste cellular data. But we can’t download videos directly from some Sites, especially from Youtube unless you pay a premium and some sites put restrictions on videos when they publish to prevent others from downloading their videos. Don’t worry, we are here to help you download videos using developer tools within your browser. There are so many video websites and tools that work for one and might not work for another. In this article I will explain to you the best available tools so that you can get the video you want.

1. ByClick Downloader

One of our favorite tools to download videos. This software works with any website and you can download the entire playlist with a single click. Let’s see the step-by-step procedure on how to download the embedded video.

  • Click on this link By Click Downloader great features and Download the software.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and install the software.
  • Open the software and you will find an option Auto Detect, Single Click on it.
  • It will navigate to the Auto Detect page where you will find options of web browsers, make sure that the Web Browser you are using to find your video is checked and then Click on Save button.
  • Now, open the video from which website you want to download and click on the right option in the pop-up that appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • To view the downloaded video, Click on ByClick Downloader.

Note : You can download the playlist all at once.

Before doing that, you can choose the folder where you want the videos to be saved. Click on Choose folder, select the folder and single click on Ok button.

See how simple it is using ByClick Downloader software, you don’t need more technical knowledge.

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2. By using Browser Extensions

Browser Extensions are direct methods to download embedded videos. Flash Video Downloader, Video DownloadHelper and Free Video Downloader are three of our favorite extensions to download and save the video. These Extensions work for a wider variety of embedded sites but the disadvantage is that they don’t work on Youtube.

Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader works for most of the video formats and it’s a great option for Chrome or Firefox. You can download the version by clicking on this link Flash Video Downloader – Download – Softonic for Apple users and for Firefox click on this link Add-ons for Firefox (en-US). When installed within Firefox or Chrome, you will find a small arrow in your browser turned into blue, it allows you to click on the extension and save the video content.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is an extension for Firefox and Chrome Web Browser. With this extension you can save your favorite video clips to your hard drive in any format. Click here for Firefox extension Video DownloadHelper – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US), for Chrome extension Click on this link Video DownloadHelper – Chrome Web Store and for Safari Click on this link Video DownloadHelper – Download – Softonic . The process is simple and easy to download.

Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader is an extension for only Chrome. This extension works for almost embedded video other than the block extension. Click on this link for the extension Free Video Downloader. This extension supports downloading a playlist all at once.

Example How to download embedded video by using extension:(Video DownloaderHelper)

  • Once you installed the Video DownloaderHelper extension on chrome or Firefox.
  • Open the Video you want to download and start playing the video.
  • Click on the Video DownloaderHelper extension icon you will find the icon on the toolbar. Then you can select the required option from the drop down list. List contains Quick Download, Download, Download and Convert, Add to Blacklist, Delete, Pin and Use this action as default.

3. Simple Way to Download Embedded Videos Online:


Click on this link Y2mate.com it is a direct way Video capture website. Just copy and paste the URL link of the video website in Y2mate website and click on start. And it will show you the Video quality options, Select it. Click on Download button and to save the Video right click to video then select on “Save as Video.”


We hope this article helped you in getting the required information. Y2Mate is more simple to download the embedded videos like Y2Mate there is another one KeepVid Pro Check with this one also.

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