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How To Save Your TikTok Videos Without A watermark

TikTok is an amazing entertainment app for connecting with the audience. Some users are using this app for entertainment, and some are entertaining the audience to gain followers. But more than 12 Countries worldwide banned it partially or publicly on TikTok. If you have winning fans on TikTok, then if you want to share or upload the videos on other social media platforms like Instagram or Youtube short too. While downloading the Video from TikTok, you will notice the TikTok watermark. TikTok adds the watermark with the username and logo that moves around the Video as it plays. This is important because others can’t steal, and they can’t repost others’ content.

Is it troubling you? Don’t worry. You can regain the audience on other social media platforms by sharing your old videos without a watermark. Read this article carefully. In this post, you will get detailed information about how to save TikTok Videos without a watermark.

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Method 1:

Method 1 is simple. You need to Crop the Video by using the Photo app. You can simply & easily remove the watermark on videos.

  • First, “Select” the Video and “Download” from the TikTok app you wish to save without a watermark.
  • Open “Photo app.”
  • Select the downloaded Video and Click on Edit.
  • Tap on the Crop icon & adjust the shape of the square box to remove the watermark.
  • And Choose the best aspect ratio of the TikTok app is 16:9.
  • Finally, Click on “Done “to save the Video in your gallery.

Method 2:

Use many tools to remove the watermark, such as MusicallyDown, TikFast, TikMate, SnapTik, and more. One of the best tools is SnapTik. It is available with the TikTok downloader to download the Video without a watermark. They are not tied up with TikTok. The steps you need to follow to remove the watermark on TikTok videos are as follows:

  • First, select the Video you want to download from the app.
  • “Click” on Share and “Copy” the URL link.
  • Open the Web browser and operate an online tool.
  • Paste the URL link into the field.
  • Once the Video is processed, Click Download to save it as a good HD-quality video.

Some tools show an option with the watermark or without a watermark. Before downloading any tools, check the reviews and whether it is an app purchase or a free one.

Method 3:

Method 3 is for iOS devices. Let’s take an example of an iPhone to remove the watermark and save the TikTok videos.

  • “Click” on the TikTok app and “Select” the Video you wish to Save without a watermark.
  • When you “Open” the Video, you will have the option to “Share.” Tap on it.
  • And Swipe to select Live Photo. Now, the Live Photo will export to the camera roll.
  • Open the Gallery, Click the share button, and select Save as Video.
  • Finally, you will find the Video saved without a watermark.

Note: Method 3 only works with iOS devices. But you can choose Method 1 & Method 3 to try with them to remove the watermarks on the videos.


By reading this post, you got an idea of how to remove watermarks on videos and how to save them. Some tools make your Video lose HD quality. Check with the reviews and go with the best tool. Also, let us know which tool or method works best for you to give a good-quality video.

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