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Top 5 Music Torrents Sites in 2024

Are you looking for the best music torrent sites? Don’t worry; we will help you out in finding the best music torrent sites. Finding secure torrent sites for music would be tricky. Many sites try to track your online data, and that also contains malware. Our team has researched and found the best ones for downloading music, albums, tracks, and software. However, some of the sites may be inaccessible due to network restrictions. That’s why we always suggest the user to use a VPN to encrypt your connection. This allows you to unblock the music torrenting sites of your choice and it also prevents cybercriminals from monitoring your connection.

We recommend using ExpressVPN and it is also my favourite option for music torrenting. Its huge P2P- supported network, and without any interruptions, it allows you to access the sites you need and download music. Additionally, military-grade encryption prevents snoops from reading your data while using torrent sites. ExpressVPN has an option to test without risk if you don’t like it within a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Top 5 Music Torrents:

1. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites, known for its huge music collection that includes plenty of music. It not only offers songs, albums, and discographies from across the world, but it also offers live concert videos and audio software. This site has a huge user base with many seeders available for fast downloads. The platform is designed in such a way that users can easily access the desired content, and you can also filter your search results by Type, Category, and File Format. The audio quality is available upto 320Kbps MP3 or FLAC Formats. This is a Public Torrent Tracker- in simple terms, you don’t need to register to access its content.


It is another well-known torrent site with a broad selection of copyright-free-music. The site offers a wide range of music genres with different formats and qualities. It also has a clean interface where the users can search for music files. If you have any queries, you can always contact the community for help. Additionally, it employs content moderation to prevent duplicates and malware-infected files.

Note: You should not use this site for pirated or illegal content.

3. REDacted:

It is a private music torrent tracker with cataloged, high-quality music files. This site boasts a numerous collection of popular and rare titles—French, Reggae, Afrikaans music—you name it. If you want to get live music band videos, you can most likely get them here. REDacted is a private tracker that requires an invitation to join. The site employs strict moderation rules to prevent duplicates, malware-infected files, and copyright trolls.

4. AudioNews:

AudioNews offers a huge selection of free professional tools for musicians, Producers, and sound engineers. However, new users can also find a wealth of learning materials and samples. The site opens registration for new users every first day of the month. You may be invited if you regularly upload files for the first 30 days. If invited, you must maintain a seed-to-leech ratio of at least 0.8 to keep using the tracker. All of this is compensated with great moderation and extra-fast speeds.

5. 1337X:

It provides lots of non-copyrighted music in MP3 format for different music genres, including POP, Rock, HipHop, and Jazz. This site boasts a huge user base and a healthy number of seeders and leechers. As the 1337X tracker is public, it doesn’t require registration or a certain upload-to-download ratio, either. Moreover, content moderation does its best to remove viruses and malware for safer torrenting. Most of the content is available in English, but you can also find music in different languages. Keep in mind that 1337X is usually blocked in restrictive regions, so you might need a quality VPN to access it.


Above are the top 5 music torrents, but before downloading the best music torrents, sign up for a VPN. Because you will never know hackers have targeted you, they may steal your data and misuse it. So, be safe and secure while using the torrent sites.

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