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Comic Book Torrents – Download Your Favourite Comic Books

Most people, like me, love to read comics. Reading comics is one of the favourite things of many users out there. But the thing with the comics is that they are more expensive. And most people are not interested in buying comic books each month. But, thanks to torrent sites, where you can easily find and download your favourite comic books and read them on your smartphone or other devices.

Accessing torrent sites might be heavily restricted in a few countries. Even accessing the best torrent sites requires you to be cautious when downloading files. We would like to suggest VPNs, which are a vital tool; you can gain unlimited access to comic book torrents. The best VPN will encrypt your data, hide what you download, provide privacy and help you to stay away from other risks. In this article, we will guide the best torrent sites for comics and how to download comics torrents safely.

How to safely download Comic Book Torrents using VPN?

To download Comic Book Torrents safely, you need to select a VPN server, fix it and then download torrents only when your VPN session is active – like so:

  • Get the best VPN that supports P2P traffic ( we suggest NordVPN).
  • Download and Install the VPN on your personal computer.
  • Launch the VPN app, complete the initial setup process and access your account.
  • Go to your VPN settings, and ensure its Kill Switch is enabled.
  • Next, make sure that your VPN is set to use OpenVPN or WireGuard.
  • Choose a P2P VPN server in a torrent-friendly country like Switzerland.
  • Choose a P2P VPN server in a torrent-friendly country like Switzerland.
  • You can now access comics torrent sites. That’s it!

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The best Sites for Comics:

To find the best and unique Torrent Sites for Comics, your search should be on a specific basis, and you want to be strict about the kinds of sites you access. That said, first, your pick should contain an extensive library of comics, as that’s the main kind of content you seek. Next, you need to ensure that malware is absent in the torrent site. When it comes to ease of use, you will want search functionality, as well as advanced filtering options based on the publishing dates, names and more. Even though it’s hard to find it, the next torrent sites to download comics come with minimal ads ( we would recommend you use a powerful ad-blocker to block the ads). Now, let’s see the Best Comic Torrent sites.

1. The Pirate Bay:

In case you have never heard about The Pirate Bay, you are probably a new user of the torrenting world. It has millions of different torrents, and it has plenty of users. You are able to download torrents from TPB by using the full extent of your web connection. There are thousands of titles, making us sure you will find something interesting any time. You can easily find your desired comic by filtering options and plenty of verified files, and it has a vibrant community. As we already suggested, use an ad-blocker because you will encounter pretty aggressive ads. You can visit their official site by clicking on this link: https://thepiratebay.org/index.html.

2. Torrent Downloads:

Once you open it in your web browser, you will see the most popular torrents from various categories. All of these can be easily downloaded using your favourite torrent client, and all of them come from plenty of seeders. To get to Comics, you need to click on ‘Other’ on the right. This is where the primary categories are listed. Then Click on Comics, and you will get a list of 30,000+ titles. If you want to visit their official site, click on this: https://www.torrentdownloads.pro/, which will re-direct you to the Torrents Downloads website.

3. 1337X:

We are sure that you are aware of several threats that surround sites. That’s being constantly attacked by anti-piracy groups, and most of them retire over time. It isn’t one of those sites. Even though it has been shut down several times, every time, it managed to reappear on the web. Today, it uses many domains, so you can always find a working option. If you want to visit their official site click on this https://1337x.to/ that will re-direct you to the 1337X website.

4. LimeTorrents:

Another best torrent site in our list is Limetorrents. Upon opening it, you will find a fairly standard interface. One of the interesting things about LimeTorrent is that you need to use this website’s torrent client to download files. This might look like a step back, but the client is important, and you can use it to download any torrent file on the web. If you want to visit their official site, click on this: https://limetorrent.cc/, which will re-direct you to the Limetorrents website.

5. ExtraTorrent:

ExtraTorrent is a valuable repository that covers many categories. Even though it’s missing a dedicated comics section, you can also search the website for a particular title. Being nicely organized and designed, you can always check what kind of files you download. There are various ways to filter and sort them, which is a nice touch. If you want to visit their official site, click on this: https://extratorrent.xyz/, which will re-direct you to the ExtraTorrent website.


As we mentioned above are the few best comic torrent sites. While using any websites, use some precautionary measures like using a VPN, and avoid ads by using an ad-blocker. And let us know in the comment section below which site you liked the most and what comics you liked.

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