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Free Procreate Brushes You Can Download In 2024

Most of them like to paint, but painting on an iPad is more challenging than doing it traditionally. Procreate has been one of the amazing drawing apps for iPad. It is a powerful drawing and painting app. If you are a digital artist and searching for a Procreate brush set, then, in this article, we will guide you to the best free Procreate Brushes.

Stocking Stuffers

If you need any background textures for your artwork, Stocking Stuffers is the best to use. If you are making wallpapers indoors, the textures made by these brushes are great. The best thing about these brushes is the grain they add, but for that, you have to make the brush size larger. The grains are good when you are making drawings or painting.

So, make sure to check these out by clicking on this link: https://folio.procreate.com/discussions/10/28/34625.

Paperlink Dynamic

Another Procreate brush you can use right now is Paperlink Dynamic. The best thing about Paperlink Dynamic is that you can use it to create moving elements. Once the background is done, you can use this brush to create stunning environments for your characters. You can create mountains, Thunders, and whatever you want with these brushes. Each brush has texture detailing that gives you realistic effects.

Go ahead and check by clicking on this link: https://paperlike.com/pages/dynamic-environment-brush-set.

Anime Brushset

Anime is a popular Procreate brush worldwide, and it is only natural to have a few brushes at your disposal that allow you to create anime-style themes. Anime Brushset has eight brushes in the set, but you might think that it is not enough. They are more than enough to cover all your basic anime styles. By using them, you can create stunning characters and backgrounds. There are two dedicated brushes that allow you to draw hairs and the rest you can use for other purposes.

To check this Anime Brushset, click on this link: https://attki.gumroad.com/l/animebasic.

Jingsketch Brush

The basic pack of Jingsketch comes with ten brushes, and it gives you a fair idea of what the premium set will bring to the table. These brushes provide you with general effects, and they are easy so that you can use them in a lot of artwork.

You can go ahead and check by clicking on this link: https://jingsketch.gumroad.com/l/JingsketchBrushes.

Comics Halftone Brushes

By using these brushes, you can recreate the iconic comic designs from the 1950s. The iconic style of the 1950s comics is hard to recreate, but it appeals to it. That’s why you can use these halftone brushes to bring the old-style patterns that add a new life to them. There are 16 brushes in this set, and the best part of it is it comes with grunge brushes that allow you to add textures of old papers to your drawings.

To check out Comics Halftone Brushes, click on this link: https://pixelbuddha.net/brushes/free-comics-halftone-procreate-brushes.

Pixel Art Brushes

Nowadays, pixelated games are gaining popularity, and they are here to stay. There are three brushes in this set, and they will help you with pixelated stuff. So, we should have these brushes to create some pixelated drawings.

You can try it by clicking on this link: https://ittaimanero.gumroad.com/l/FREEPixelArtMiniSet?recommended_by=discover.

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