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Best Live Wallpaper Apps For iPhone

Live Wallpapers for iOS 16 and iOS 15 have come a long way. These live wallpapers were introduced in 2015 with the iPhone 6s and 6s plus versions and have had a wide range among iPhone users since then. You can transfer the look of any mobile device with these Live wallpapers. There are so many Live Wallpaper apps available for the iPhone on the App Store that can make your iPhone even more stunning. So, in this article, we will guide you on the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone.

  • Live Wallpapers
  • Live Wallpapers Forever
  • WOW Pixel
  • Live Wallpaper 3D
  • intoLive
  • Zedge

Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers is one of the amazing apps that make your iPhone look more inimitable. It’s the best app to impress your friends, as it makes your lock screen come alive. It is simple with some added features. You can use this unique collection of this app. This app also brings some widgets you can add to your home screen. This app works on every iPhone with 3D functionality.

Live Wallpapers Forever

The Live Wallpapers Forever app is for iOS 16 with fewer features than the previous one. This app brings a large collection of live wallpapers that make your iPhone even more cool. Each Wallpaper on the app has its own unique animations. To liven up the Wallpaper, you just need to touch the live Wallpaper. The thing we like about the app is the live wallpaper categories, and it provides different categories for finding live wallpapers. Apart from these categories, such as abstract, nature, mountains, space, etc, there is also a dedicated section for popular Wallpapers. This app is compatible with iOS devices with 3D functionality.

WOW Pixel

If you are a huge fan of retro images, then you would surely like WOW Pixel. This app offers you with many unique live wallpapers for iPhone. To immerse you in the colorful world of 8-bit adventure, the app makers have created some animated stories for them. When you touch the Wallpaper, these short animated stories are played on your lock screen. You can choose the animated stories depending on your emotions, such as fun, love, anger, etc. Moreover, the app developers also invite the users to share their stories about their characters. If you find this app more interesting and want to share your story, you can send it to the developer.

Live Wallpaper 3D

This app is one of the best and most iPhone-leading customization apps you can use today. The app offers hundreds of cool live wallpapers to bring your iPhone screen to life. It has more wallpaper categories, and you can find live wallpapers from 3D to Christmas. Apart from this, it also has the option to create personalized live wallpapers from videos and more.


IntoLive is different from all other apps. It is a Live Wallpaper maker for iPhone that can turn your photos and videos into Live photos. The latest version of intoLive supports GIFs; it allows you to convert GIFs into Live photos on iPhone. This app does not provide any wallpaper independently. You can use this app only to turn your existing photos, videos, and GIFs into Live photos.


The Zedge app is available on both Android and iOS. This offers a unique collection of wallpapers and Live Wallpapers for iOS. Apart from this, it can be used to download icons and ringtones for iPhone. The disadvantage of this app is that most of the app’s wallpapers are paid. To download premium live wallpapers for iPhone, you must purchase Zedge credits. The free account only offers ten credits, and you can use those credits to purchase items from the Zedge store. But that is not enough to satisfy the hunger for live wallpapers.


These are a few of the best live wallpapers for the iPhone. Let us know which app you like, and if you want to suggest any other live wallpapers for iPhone.

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