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What Does 4 Fingers Up Mean

You have been seeing users post pictures or videos holding “4” fingers up on TikTok, Instagram, or any social media. Many people are confused about what this hand signal means, and for good reason: it has a lot of different definitions. In this article, we will make you better understand what does 4 fingers up mean.

Things you should know:

  • Holding “4” fingers up on TikTok means you are in love with one person and one person only.
  • But in the past, “4” fingers up symbolized support for mental health issues, especially when it is used by celebrities.
  • Holding “4” fingers up on Football means it could signify the start of the 4th quarter in Football or be used by rappers from Florida to show love for their Hometown.

4 Fingers Up on TikTok

Typically, people who hold “4” fingers up signify that they are off the market- they are not looking to date anyone else right now. They might have just gotten into a relationship, or they are pinning after one specific person. This trend is especially popular on TikTok right now. So if you see any of your followers or a friend posting with “4” fingers up, they probably mean that they have found their love.

In 2022, some users still say that if you hold “4” fingers up in a picture or video, it means you are afraid to come out from the closet. However, this was mostly a joke trend that’ died down, it is not likely nowadays.

4 Fingers Up in Football

If the clock expires at the end of the 3rd quarter, you will often see football players and fans alike holding “4” fingers up. This is to signify that the most crucial quarter is about to happen, that is, the 4th quarter, where their team would either win or lose. Sometimes, FootBall teams will also hold “4” fingers up to symbolize how many touchdowns they need to tie up the game.

4 Fingers Up as a Gang Sign

Sometimes you will see the rapers or celebrities posing with “4” fingers up. Basically, if they are from Florida originally, they are likely doing this to represent North Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Oakland Park or Broward County. It signifies the place they grew up. Sometimes, it is also called “4” Ups.

4 Fingers as a show of support

In 2017, most of the celebrities held up “4” fingers in the pictures, especially on Instagram. This trend started just because of BBC’s 1 in 4 mental health campaign, symbolizing how many people struggle with mental health issues. Many celebrities were doing this trend to raise awareness for mental health issues and to stop them from being stigmatized. However, it is an older trend, and it is not popular nowadays.

4 Fingers as a sign of Danger

In 2021, a hand signal was created for people to show that they were in a dangerous situation but couldn’t talk about it. People would hold up 4 Fingers to the camera, tuck their thumbs in and then hold their fingers over their thumbs. It is used as a sign to represent that they are in a dangerous or unsafe situation and need help getting out. In 2021, in Kentucky, this hand signal was used to save a 16-year-old from kidnapping. By using this hand signal, it is used to alert a passerby that she was in trouble, she was eventually rescued and returned to her family.

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