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How To Create And Get .Edu Email For Free

Users get plenty of discounts on Tech products when they sign-up with a student email. Student Emails are provided to the students who are registered with the university, and this .edu email is also provided to the staff members of the university, college, or school. Mostly the students who get admission to USA universities or Colleges are generally given this email. It’s almost the same as Gmail or Hotmail email addresses, but it has an extension “.edu.” The format of the Edu email address looks like “Yourinfo@university_name.edu.” If you are not a student of any university, then they don’t provide you with email, and if you are still looking for it, you are in the right article. Read this blog carefully. You will get useful information on creating and getting a .edu email for free, but it takes time. If you want to do it immediately, there is also a way, but it’s a paid one.

Before getting into the exact topic, let’s check a brief about:

  • What is an edu email?
  • Benefits of having a .edu email.
  • How to Create & Get an Edu email for free without paying?

What is an .edu email?

Edu email is one of the most beneficial email extensions provided to the university, college, or school students and staff members. A .edu email not only assists you in getting the information from the administration office but also serves you with free services only to the students.

Benefits of having a .edu email

If you have an edu email, then you will get free services and discounts for students. The following are the benefits that are given to .edu emails:

  • Amazon gives 6 months of trial Prime accounts to students; as you all know, the Prime account holders get the confirmed delivery product within 2 days without any shipping cost.
  • Microsoft gives you a variety of software for free, and moreover, you can get Microsoft Office 365 for students for free.
  • When you sign up for a Google Suite Education Account, it provides you with 5TB of storage.
  • And Autodesk gives you several free software licenses; you need to register with a .edu email account, and now you can easily download software and licenses for free without paying any cost.

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How to Create & Get an Edu email for free without paying?

Method 1:

Stage 1:

  • Open the “Virginia’s College Community” website. First, you need to solve the Captcha that appears.
  • Next, the User ID will be asked to add the ID & sign in with the email.
  • In the next page, the “Name” and “Email id” are asked; provide your true name in it.

Note: The “Fake Address Generator” is used to make the false address of the person. The “Fake Address Generator” is free to use; it will ask you for the information that must be filled in the false address.

  • And Click on Submit.

Stage 2 (Login and Apply):

  • Login to the account and “Apply.” You can Sign-up through email id or Facebook.
  • Add the information like the “institute name” and move to next.
  • In this step, several questions are asked: First name, Last name, Gender, Date of Birth, SSN, Permanent address, Contact number, Degree, and Military or not.
  • Fill in these details and move forward.
  • After answering these questions, click on submit.
  • The “username” and “password” are provided to the user through an Email from Virginia Community College or University.

Note: These Credentials of login will be activated in a few hours.

Method 2: (it’s a paid one)

  • First, you must buy a paid Express VPN to connect to the US IP.
  • Now, Visit the official “Fort Scott Community College” website.
  • If you belong to Us citizen, Click on Apply now and continue.
  • Enter all the mandatory details and follow the instructions shown on the screen. Enter your primary email instead of your contact number; always enter a random mobile number.
  • Select the University/College; the graduation year should be more than 1 year.
  • Now choose “I certify – – -” and click on “Submit.”
  • And wait for 2-3 working days until you get an email from Fort Scott Community College.

Note: Check the age details while you are submitting. The age should be above 21 years. And for better results, always use a US IP address.


We hope this article has helped you to get an edu email. Edu email has more benefits; enjoy it by creating and getting it. First, try the free one. If you failed to get an edu email, go with the paid one.

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