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How To Download Videos From Twitter On iPhone, iPad And Mac

One of the popular social media platforms is Twitter, where you come across various forms of content based on images, Videos and text. There is also an option to download the images and copy the text. Twitter has not yet introduced any official way to download videos on Twitter. But don’t worry; in this article, I will help you to download Twitter Videos on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

1. Using Online Tools to Save Twitter Videos on iPhone or Mac

  • Open Twitter and click on the share icon next to the tweet.
  • Select Copy Link.
  • Visit https://ssstwitter.com/ website.
  • Paste the link in the Insert link dialogue box.
  • And hit the download button.
  • Wait and select the quality of the video to download.
  • Wait until the process starts.
  • On iPhone, select the download option; on Mac, select a save option.

You can see the downloaded video inside the iPhone Files app and Finder on Mac.

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2. By using the Shortcut app, save videos from Twitter on your iPhone

  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone, visit this website https://www.tvdl.app/ and tap on downloading the latest version.
  • It will navigate to another page and tap on add an untrusted shortcut.
  • Now open Twitter and tap the share icon below the video tweet.
  • Tap on the share via option.
  • Tap TVDL v3.1( this number may vary for you ).
  • You will get a pop-box tap on “OK”.
  • Select the desired video quality and tap on “OK”.
  • You will get another pop-up asking you if you would like to access your photos, then tap on “OK”.
  • Finally, You are done.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you can also use the help of third-party apps to download Twitter videos on your iPhone and Mac.

3. By using built-in screen recording to capture Twitter Videos

If you want to use the simple method, then here it is Screen recording on iPhone/Mac. However, if you have some extra clips at the start and end, you can remove them by using any video editing app for iPhone or Mac.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you save the Twitter Video?

Right-click on the video and choose the Copy Video address. Now, visit the Twitter Video Downloader website in a new tab, paste the URL link in the downloader dialogue box and click on the download option. And choose the video quality from the available options.

Is it safe to download Videos from Twitter?

If you use trusted websites or applications to download videos from Twitter, then it is safe to download.

Can we download Twitter Videos from any Private account?

No, we can’t download Twitter videos from any private account.

Can we Screen-record Videos from Twitter without knowing them?

Every user can take screenshots freely of anything they find interesting on the platform. There is no such tool or feature for notifying users about screenshots of a particular tweet.

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