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What Are Microsoft Outlook PII errors? How To Fix

Microsoft Outlook is mainly used to send and receive messages and manage your calendar and tasks. Both individuals and businesses use it. This “Microsoft Outlook” uses several user data like User IDs, Passwords, Biometrics, and so on. However, as with any software or platform, sometimes it displays an error while performing any task. And the most common error that users see is “PII” errors.

Have you ever noticed these errors while you are using Microsoft Outlook? And if you are seeing the ways to fix them? Then read this article carefully. We are here to help users to understand it in a better way. We have explained what Microsoft Outlook PII errors are and how to fix them. Before getting into the exact topic, we will see a brief about

  • What is Microsoft Outlook?
  • What are exactly PII errors?
  • Solutions to Resolve PII errors.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that mainly allows you to send and receive messages from people worldwide. Almost everyone has started to use this technology. It delivers a wide range of aspects to its users. You can also manage appointments, meeting calendars and do tasks in one place. Every commercial firm uses Microsoft Outlook, and there are thousands of versions in the corporate world. The main features of Outlook are Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks. Email allows you to communicate with persons both inside and outside of your Company./Organization We can also include electronic signatures and attachments in Email messages. It also functions as an app manager for integrating Office applications that are available through Microsoft 365.

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What are exactly PII errors?

PII stands for “Personally Identifiable Information” and is defined as information that directly identifies an individual through name, address, SSN, email address, Phone number, etc. And now, Biometrics, Behavioural data, and Geolocation are also considered PII.

When we are using Microsoft Outlook to send Emails, sometimes we keep on noticing some errors such as 0x80070021, error 0x800ccc0e, etc. The reasons behind these errors are the following:

  • Users logged into quite a few accounts without clearing caches and cookies.
  • If the Microsoft Outlook software application is not properly installed on the device.
  • Suppose you are not “Updated” with the newer version.
  • Update the OS Version you are using.

Solutions to Resolve PII errors:

Log out Multiple accounts:

Since the issue is mainly caused by logging into multiple accounts, it’s recommended to log out all the logged-in accounts. Then, you can check if the issue got fixed or check with the other option.

Clear caches and cookies:

The simplest way to resolve the issue is by clearing the browsing history and deleting cookies and caches. Then check if the issue got fixed or try with the other option.

Reinstall the Outlook Application:

The PII error may occur if the Microsoft Outlook application you are using may have the data corrupted or out-of-date. So, reinstall the application on your device and check if the issue has been fixed or not; go with the next option.

Switch the Operating System to a new version:

Suppose you are using Windows 11 to switch to a newer version to fix the problem. Changing the version may help you to get rid of this problem.

Update Microsoft Outlook:

If you use the older version, update it to the newer version to eliminate the problem or issue. To update Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps: Move to the File option on Outlook. Select the Office Account option. Tap on Update Options. And Select the Apply Updates option.


In final words, this article has helped you to resolve the PII errors. Suppose you still need to fix the errors. Please check with the Internet connection. If the internet connection is slow, you may get these PII errors, and the last option to solve the issue is Contact Microsoft Support.

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