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5 Best Secret Texting Apps In 2024

Nowadays, Cyber attacks are becoming more common. So, everyone prefers to send text messages secretly. In the market, there are so many Secret texting apps. All people look for convenient texting apps where there is privacy. So, in this article, we have short-listed a few secret texting apps for Android and iOS devices. If you are looking for the best secret texting apps, read this article carefully. Below is the list of secret texting apps:

  • Telegram
  • Private SMS BOX
  • Threema
  • Whatsapp
  • Signal

Before getting into the list of secret texting apps, let’s know about it.

  • What is a secret texting app?
  • And Why do people need it?

What is a secret texting app?

A secret texting app is an instant messenger service that allows you to safely and securely send or receive SMS and multimedia messages. It is different from Standard SMS. Secret texting apps use the Internet to send or receive messages. At the same time, Standard SMS uses 2G towers for sending or receiving messages. These are very secure, and no third-party websites or apps are involved; even the service can’t view the messages you sent or received.

And Why do people need it?

There are many reasons why people need secret texting apps. We have mentioned some of the common reasons why people need it:

Personal Conversation:

Everyone needs their own space. So, most people use Secret Texting apps to have personal chats with their friends, family, employees or anyone else. Because they don’t want anyone to see the message they have sent, that’s why most people try to use secret messaging apps and try to keep their communication private and secure with others.

Cheating with partner:

Secret messaging apps are usually secure and encrypted. Keep in mind these apps might be perfect if you chat with your partner. To some extent, it is good and bad for the cheater to use. We know that it doesn’t sound like a good thing, nor are we not promoting cheating.

Friends Chat:

Every person has at least two characters. One is their formal character, which can be used with their family and relatives. The second character is an informal character that people use with their friends. Most prefer these apps to keep their second character safe and hidden from their family and relatives.

Shared Phone:

If you have a shared phone, others can see the messages. For example, lower-middle families buy only one smartphone for their siblings. In that case, privacy is almost impossible. You can use these apps to keep your messages safe and secure.

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List of 5 Secret Texting Apps


Telegram is one of the instant messaging apps that provides complete end-to-end encryption. It says that Telegram is the most secure and safest application in app stores. Apart from its safety, the company also claims that every message on Telegram can self-destruct if a hacker tries to hack into an account. In addition to that, Telegram provides an app lock system so you can protect your Telegram messages from other strangers.

Private SMS BOX

Private SMS Box is different, but it is a beneficial application. This application mainly focuses on security and keeping your things hidden from others on your smartphone. One thing that we liked about this is it is undercover in the form of a calculator. Yes, it hides under the cover. Once you enter the correct passcode and press the = sign, you will be logged into your SMS and IM chat. The application also offers a complete 16-bit encryption.


Threema is one of the most honest, secure IM applications. The working concept of Threema from other IM applications. Threema is an open-source application, so anyone who wants to add their touch to an IM application can use it. Threema is its phone number for free sign-up. The app will cost about $3 if you want to use it.


Most of the users use WhatsApp; it is currently the #1 IM service in the world. WhatsApp can be used on Android and iOS platforms. WhatsApp is the most trusted and secure application you can trust so far. You do not need to worry about the hacking thing. It offers end-to-end encryption. It supports multimedia support, Voice calls, Video calls and simple text.


It is an open-source IM platform that allows you to send and receive text and multimedia messages from any other signal user. It is 100 percent free to use and is a non-profit company. Unlike any other IM service, there are no ads, pop-ups, tracking or data collection. It offers end-to-end encryption with 64-bit encryption.


Now, the Internet has made lives easy for users. In just a few seconds, you can send or receive messages to anyone in the world instantly without any delay. This is only possible because of the advanced secret text messaging apps. The above are only a few apps. Other apps like Silence, CoverMe, Wickr Me, Wire and Viber exist. You can also check with this app and select the best that suits you.

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