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Samsung Vs Vizio Tv – Which Tv Brand is Best?

Are you confused about which Television will be better from both Samsung and Vizio TV? Don’t worry. We are here to help out to choose the TV. In this article you will get more information about Samsung and Vizio Tv read this article carefully. While buying the TV we will have some plan that we need to take Big Tv with less budget and with a good quality video isn’t it. Every user’s target is to buy a TV with a good quality picture and sound, it should support gaming features and it should occupy less space. I can say both brands are the best in selling the TV’s in the world. But when we compare both of them, Samsung will be the Winner. So, let’s check the features of both and choose the best brand TV.

Features of Samsung Vs Vizio Tv

Screen Dimensions:

Both brands offer a wide variety of Screen sizes to the customers to fit in their budget. Vizio size ranges from 43 to 80 inches whereas Samsung TV size ranges from 24 to 110 inches display size. Samsung now comes with tech enable app control, where the users can easily control the TV using their mobiles by installing the app. For example they can change the channels, adjust TV brightness etc. So in this feature Samsung is the winner because it has more larger screen options.

Display Panel Technology:

Both Companies make use of LED and LCD technology mostly. But a few years ago, Samsung released an OLED TV but it hasn’t done much with this technology and for Vizio, OLED technology is more expensive to fit into its low priced branding strategy. In this case it’s a tie between both because they both rely on the same LED and LCD technology to sell TV’s.

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Image Quality:

Image quality can be a personal choice because I know what kind of picture quality I like and you know what you like. When compared between them Samsung will be the top because Vizio early models have some image quality problems. However, Vizio is still behind in support features and exclusive picture quality of Samsung’s TV.

Audio Quality:

Big screen technologies don’t have good sound quality with built-in-speakers. So, some of the users plan to buy a sound-bar or speaker-system for the TV to get good quality audio. When compared between both the brands Vizio ranked below average when compared to Samsung.


Vizio Tv offers 5 HDMI ports which is great in attaching set-up boxes, gaming systems and audio systems. Still two ports are left over. Whereas Samsung offers 3 or 4 HDMI ports. In this case Vizio is the winner because no one wants to run out of HDMI ports in their TV.


Several years ago, Vizio entered large screen TV market

With a low price. It offers decent picture quality and performance for a good price. Whereas for Samsung you need to pay more for extra performance. Vizio usually offers the lowest prices when compared to Samsung.

Smart Tv options:

Samsung comes with an in-built Tizen OS which has a number of smart TV options. Whereas Vizio has its own SmartCast OS, that supports Alexa and Google play. Both have an excellent OS and enable voice assistance to operate TV.


I know it’s difficult to select one as a winner in all features. But Vizio is less expensive. But Samsung is successfully keeping up with life-style trends. All that I can say is Samsung gives you the best value for the money.

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