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How To Edit A PDF File on iPhone

Are you looking for how to edit a pdf file on an iPhone? Then you are in the right article. As we all know PDF’s can’t be edited by normal processing apps. But luckily iOS 15 and iPadOs 15 comes with in-built tools to edit pdf files. Read the article carefully and you will get the detailed step-by-step information on how to edit a pdf file on an iPhone. Before jumping into the topic, make sure to update your iPhone.

Steps to edit a PDF File on iPhone

  • First find the pdf file which you want to edit, you may find it in the downloads folder of the files app or you can check other locations like iCloud. Once you find the file, tap and open it.
  • Swipe from the left edge of your phone to right to see the thumbnail view of the page.
  • Now, to make page related edits, tap and hold on a page to open the edit menu.
  • From here choose to rotate the file, insert pages from files or scan new pages in.
  • If you want to do in-page edits use the markup tools, where you can access by tapping the pencil icon on the top-right corner.
  • From here you have a toolbar on the bottom of the screen. The toolbar is fixed in iPhone whereas on iPad you should drag or swipe towards a side of the screen in order to position it on the side.
  • By using your finger or an Apple pencil draw using pen, pencil or highlighter tools ( you can select the color from the wheel on the right box tool ). It has options to select eraser, lasso select or ruler. When selected for other options like transparency and thickness tap again on these tools. With the ruler selected, drag with only one finger to move across the page. To rotate the ruler twist and pinch with two fingers.
  • For extra tools tap the + button on top of this. This button option lets you add a text box, signature, a magnifying to read small text and some predefined shapes.

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What can I do with pdfs using iOS 15?

Here’s what you can do using the files app.

  • Using files app you can rotate a file from left or right.
  • You can also scan new pages by taking a picture on your iPhone and adding it to the document.
  • It allows you to add other files to your pdfs by tapping insert from file.
  • You can add signature or text to documents by tapping the plus icon in the bottommost right corner of the document.
  • It’s possible to drag and drop the text from a pdf.
  • You can also invent a new text file with the pdf text.

What can’t I do with pdfs using iOS 15?

  • The file app doesn’t allow you to identify font styles.
  • File doesn’t offer OCR functionality.

Frequently asked Questions:

Can I edit my Pdf file on my iPhone?

Yes, you can edit a Pdf file in iPhone 15 and iPad Os 15 these versions have in-built tools to edit a Pdf file.

How to save a Pdf file on my iPhone or iPad?

To save the Pdf file from an email or website, first select the Pdf to open, choose share then select where to store.

How do I scan documents with my iPhone?

Open the notes app>> Create a new note>> tap on the camera option>> and tap on scan documents.

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